The TTRS Production Crew was created by Turney in December of 2013 as a means to help him manage all aspects of the TTRS Franchise. As of December 30th, 2013, there are currently 8 members of the TTRS Production Crew. Below are the various positions of the Production Crew and the members of each team.

Name Role Length of Tenure

Turney1805 (Andrew)
Creator, Executive Producer, and Presenter Endurance-Present
TTRS is named after its founder, Turney1805, more commonly referred to as Turney or Andrew. Turney to date has hosted 21 seasons in the TTRS Franchise, one in progress, and his 23rd season soon approaching. He is responsible for determining the styles of gameplay, decides on what twists will be implemented, has the final decision on the cast of each season, and essentially keeps the franchise new and exciting.

Partner Host NBTTRS The Amazing Race
NBTTRS Solitary
Nick is my go-to man to do a collaboration season. He is more than a co-host and friend of the series, and has all the rights and privileges that I do within the TTRS Series, unless he is in a season, of course.

Bad18Life (TJ)
Season Enrichment Staff, Co-Host The Amazing Race, The Hunger Games, Survivor: Bahamas
The Season Enrichment staff assist Turney in the creation of twists and challenges that are to be used in any given season. They are entrusted with any details regarding twists and have agreed to keep that information to themselves to avoid any unfairness in games. In the event that Turney cannot be at a challenge, the SES may be asked to act as a temporary host. Also, the SES are not allowed to hold their position and participate in a season, requiring them to resign until the season is over, when they regain their position.

Gaiaphage (Chris)
Casting Crew The Amazing Race-Big Brother International, Survivor: Tocantins, Survivor: Bahamas
The Casting Crew assist Turney in choosing the casts for each season in the TTRS Franchise in order to ensure maximum activity. Obviously, they are not allowed to have a hand in picking players for any season that they wish to compete in. While the franchise is not handling applications for games, they are to keep an eye out for potential new players that may be interested in playing a TTRS game in the future.

Sass21 (Sean)
Wikia Administrator Survivor: Bahamas
Wikia Administrators are responsible for the upkeep of the TTRS Wikia page. They must have some knowledge of HTML and coding or have the willingness to learn. They are responsible for creating new pages, editing existing pages, and anything else that keeps the site looking fresh and up to date. Anybody is welcome to send in suggestions for things for the Wikia, but must be okayed by the Wikia Admins.