The Hunger Games
Genre Reality Competition
Winner Bombshellben
Runners-Up LaFierceBrittany2
No. of Episodes 19
No. of Days 21
No. of Tributes 23
Second Chances Sass21
Survivor Fans vs Favorites Dflac7
Big Brother- Newbie Stars Dfalc7
Location(s) Panem
Previous Season Survivor Tocantins
Next Season Big Brother: A Tangled Web

The Hunger Games is the seventeenth season in the TTRS Franchise. This season was directly subsequent to Survivor: Tocantins.

The Hunger Games is based off the hit movie and book trilogy created by Suzanne Collins. For this season, 26 Tengagers were selected as Tributes to compete in a long battle to test survival battles and fighting strength. Although the game originally started with 26 Tributes, only 23 ended up entering the Arena at the start of the game. Along with those competing, 4 people were selected to be a part of the Game Makers. The Game Makers act as the official co-hosts during the season, and help plan and carry out actions during the game. The Game Makers for this season were Bad18LIfe, Jessebruenger, Lemjam6, and Nbkiller. 

This season adapted the rules of the Hunger Games from the actual series, and made it Tengaged compatible. There were two major components to this season: Training and The Games. With such an obscure format in places, theoritcially speaking the Game could last for an infinite amount of days, however that was not the case. IN the end, the game lasted for a total of 22 Days with Bombshellben being the Victor, LaFierceBrittany2 being the Runner-Up, and Sjsoccer88 being the Second Runner-Up.


Tengaged Username Name in House Original Season District Finish
Anoreoz897 Adam None District 5 Died Day 1
Bbfan21 Vince Battle of the Seasons District 9 Died Day 4
BOBROCKS33 Jacob The Gauntlet District 8 Died Day 19
Bombshellben Ben The Duel District 2 Victor
Cereal222 Meli None District 3 Died Day 8
Cfff Brian None District 4 Died Day 1
Dabomb127 Nick Battle of the Seasons District 5 Died Day 4
Dfalc7 Dave None District 10 Died Day 12
Felipe123 Felipe None District 11 Died Day 8
Gaiaphage Chris D. Survivor: Cook Islands District 6 Died Day 6
Jimboslice Jimmy I Love Money District 2 Died Day 10
KarmaArrived Saxon The Gauntlet 2: Revenge of the Veterans District 8 Died Day 8
LaFierceBrittany2 Brittany Survivor: Cook Islands District 9 Runner-Up
LexiVazquez Lexi Big Brother International District 1 Died Day 1
Myabsh_ Chris B. Big Brother District 12 Died Day 1
Mysterygame2 Nolan The Gauntlet 2: Revenge of the Veterans District 4 Died Day 4
Ofl1998 Oakley Legends of the Hidden Temple District 6 Died Day 17
Sass21 Sean None District 7 Died Day 19
ShazamMcAmazing Jake Endurance District 7 Died Day 12
Sjsoccer88 Steve None District 12 Third Place
TylerKeith Tyler None District 11 Died Day 13
Yankees14456 Chris Big Brother District 1 Died Day 17
ZombieOliver Oliver Endurance District 3 Died Day 10


This game picked up a few major components from the actual series. The most important rule of the entire game was simple: If a tribute's health ever fell to 0, they would immediately be eliminated from the game.

Training: Training gave players an opportunity to practice certain skills like weapons throwing and fighting before entering the Arena. Tributes also were allowed to ask any questions about how the game would work, because once the game started no more questions could be asked. After the given Training period, players were required to take a Tribute Test and do a demonstration which would determine their Training Scores. Training Scores factored into a players ability to get sponsors during the game.

The Arena: The Arena was where the main game took place. Before entering the Arena, players completed a Bloodbath Challenge, and depending on their placement in this challenge, they were given a starting health amount. Players with the lowest score in the Bloodbath Challenge would be eliminated from the game. After the Bloodbath Challenge was complete, tributes would enter the Arena where their main goal was survival. They could travel around the Arena looking for food, water, shelter, and even other tributes. If tributes ran into another tribute in the Arena, they could either fight that Tribute or run away from them (with a loss of health). Each day, players would nominate 2 tributes to face a public vote. The loser of the public vote would have Tracker Jackers sent to them, which would cause them to lose health. Players could not be nominated back to back. Every so often there would be sponsors polls, Game Maker gift polls, and Feast (which are similar to the Bloodbath).

In the Final Battle, players competed in a series of challenges, and in the end, the player with the most points wins. 

Progress Chart

Tributes Day
Ben Win AliveAliveAliveAliveAliveNominated Spared AliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveNominated Spared AliveAliveAliveAliveAliveVictor
Brittany AliveAliveAliveNominated Spared AliveAliveNominated Spared Gift LowNominated Spared LowLowLowLowLowLowNominated Spared Second
Steve AliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveNominated Trackers AliveAliveAliveLowNominated Trackers AliveThird
Jacob ThirdAliveAliveNominated Trackers AliveAliveAliveAliveLowNominated Spared AliveNominated Spared AliveAliveNominated Spared Dead
Sean AliveAliveAliveAliveNominated Trackers Alive Alive AliveNominated Spared LowNominated Spared AliveAliveAliveLowNominated Dead
Oakley AliveAliveAliveLowLowNominated Spared Alive AliveAlive Alive AliveAliveAliveNominated Trackers LowDead
Chris AliveAliveAliveAliveNominated Spared AliveAliveAliveNominated Spared Nominated Trackers AliveAliveAliveAliveDead
Tyler AliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveLowLowAliveLowLowDead
Dave AliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveLowLowLowLowDead
Jake AliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveLowLowDead
Oliver AliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveLowDead
Jimmy AliveAliveAliveAliveAliveNominated Trackers LowLowLowDead
Saxon SecondAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveNominated Trackers Dead
Felipe AliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAliveLowLow Dead
Meli AliveAliveAliveAliveLowLowLowNominated Dead
Chris D. AliveAliveAliveAliveAliveAlive Dead
Nick AliveAliveAliveAlive Suicide
Vince AliveAliveAliveAlive Dead
Nolan AliveAliveAliveLow Dead
Adam Dead
Brian Dead
Chris B. Dead
Lexi Dead